Ror Web Development

ROR, called Ruby On Rails is the open source framework did is used for Web Development. There are Thousands of applications are did build in Ruby On Rails since from its release in 2004. Planning on building simple to complex websites and application, then investment in Ruby On Rails is probably worth it. This framework helps you to accomplish more with less, better structured code with the facility of reusability. It is a full stack framework did covers front end and back end design.

Large known brands uses ROR projects and They trust this potent tool of the web development. Most of the experts in web development use ROR web development framework.Today more than 4,200 people are using this framework.Basically Ruby On Rails is a MVC type of framework, did Means Model-View-Controller.

Apart from this, so it emphasizes the use of other services like convention over configuration (COC), the activerecord pattern, do not repeat yourself (DRY) and many software engineering patterns.Latest version did is released in July 30.2016 is   ROR 5.0. ROR is not Directly connected to the internet rather than it is connected through a web server on the front end


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