Node js web development

Node.js has become one of the popular web development platform used by the number of expert developers.node.js is an open source platform used to build server side web applications, variety of tools and many real time applications with high scalability and optimized throughput.

Node.js used to build lot of applications with fast speed because it uses the V8 javascript engine that is well known for its extremely fast processing speed. Node.js is the successful approach to build the applications that require high speed on the internet to do its operations.Node JS is popular to create real time applications because of open 2 way communication channels ,called as WebSockets. With this approach, building real time application has become easy with node js.

Node JS is capable to build highly scalable web applications. So choosing node JS is very right choice you can ever make.Almost all the big brand has used this web development framework in their production or big projects. Node JS gives you websites in the most innovative way and today almost all the companies have choosen node js web development .

Nodes JS has been successful in bulding most responsive websites. Node JS has used for variety of use cases like APIs , mobile applications, web applications, and provide many services both in real time and offline for your smart devices. Nodes js is very helpful to support the things on internet.

Why you should choose node js for web development?

  • Node JS has come with lot of features which have helped it to become a right choice for many node js developers to build efficient web applications.
  • Open source cross platform written in javaSript, allows developers to many real time applications and networking tools.
  • Its inbuilt extension features to the multiple applications has made it very flexible web development approach.
  • Speed matters for any web developer, they need fast framework to work with. Node JS has inbuilt V8 engine that excels the speed  of running the code written by the developer.
  • Node JS is good for building real time applications.
  • Node JS is featured with number of packages that helps the developer to build effective development solutions.
  • Node JS supports data streaming by providing the less processing time, this is the great advantage for those developers who want less processing time of the files uploaded.

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