Joomla web development

Joomla is another most popular and powerful software to create websites and to manage the content of the websites. This content can be a simple text, video, document, or anything. Joomla is a open source platform having inbuilt special support for content management system which is freely available to everyone.

Joomla is used to build the huge variety of business sites, government applications, e-commerce websites, online newspapers, etc. Joomla is a scalable model view controller framework , also called MVC framework written in PHP language and it is completely open source solution available to everyone helps to build robust websites with dynamic features for different types of purposes.

It has thousands of used extensions and templates capable of performing multiple task from small website to large, commercial websites integrated with blogs, payment gateways, social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Gmail, yahoo, etc. Joomla can do cooperate web sites or portals, also can do cooperate interanet, extranet and lots of Mobile applications.

There are very unique features available, you cant ignore about joomla :

  • joomla is the most widely used open source CMS platform with MVC architecture to build and publish the content on multiple websites and mobile applications.
  •  helps the brand to reach out to multiple users by building websites with customized features and design contains number of capabilities.
  •  website made in Joomla provides the inbuilt help system to know  about any term used in  the website and also checks whether you are using the latest version or not
  •  joomla websites are very easy to keep them up to date. They have in built updator feature, which will automatically notify the user for the latest version availability.
  •  joomla provide secure websites by keeping them up to date time to time.
  •  As joomla is used by thousands of professionals, provide services throughout the world. Helps to build, maintain and manage your projects in Joomla.
  • very powerful extensibility is provided by the joomla to customize your projects to broaden their features and capabilities. By joomla extension dictionary, enchantment in the features of joomla is possible.
  •  easy find and search option is available in the joomla websites, which can help the users looking for any particular information in the website.
  •  websites made in Joomla also able to manage the media files.  Easy uploading of media files is available and their management is easy.

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