Hybrid applications development

Unique and flexible features of the hybrid applications have lead them to the necessary needs of the people. Most of the businesses are connected to the mobile applications, because today each enterprise wants to do its business through mobile applications. Hybrid applications have added more convenience to the users. These days, many clients prefer the hybrid applications due to their features like cost effectiveness and great speed.

Hybrid applications fall into that category which has combined the functionalities of native apps and web apps. Hybrid apps can run on multiple platforms (android, IOS, windows, blackberry, etc).They build on the latest technologies like phoneGap, mobile angular UI frameworks and requires the complete knowledge of these development tools. One of the most important benefits of the hybrid application development is that they can build by working on the existing web solutions, which saves the development time as well as cost.

dmarketing is the leading mobile application development company, which offers you the best hybrid applications development solutions to its customers. We work with the latest technologies like phone gap, mobile angular UI to build our best hybrid applications at the best prices.

If you want a fully featured application that is capable of running on the multiple platforms including android, windows, IOS smoothly at the most affordable prices, then you are the right place. Jdmarketing promises you to provide all the facilities with cost effective solutions. We have the best team of the developers with deep knowledge and experience in developing hybrid applications. We believe in on-time delivery of the projects.

These applications have number of features which will compel you to want them for your business organization:
  • Low cost on the development process, so it is very cost effective for the users.
  • Development time is reduced because developers can use the existing web solutions.
  • Hybrid applications have same code and very portable as they can run on multiple platforms.
  • Very useful for the enterprises and organizations want very efficient and responsive applications.
  • Hybrid application can be accessed by the multiple users using multiple devices.
  • They come with very impressive designs, will lead to reach out more and more audience.
  • Hybrid apps fulfill both the requirements of native applications as well as web applications.
  • Most of the enterprises, media companies use hybrid applications for their business.
  • Most of the hybrid applications have the ability to work offline also.
  • Supports a decent browser embedded in it.
  • Easy to download from the app store.
  • Their fast speed will help your business to move faster in terms of the productivity.
  • Supports all the hardware and software functionalities.
  • Follows the best infrastructure technique of the native applications which have proven to be user friendly, and have features also push notifications, GPS, etc.
  • Very important for the business companies where all the employees use the same app on their different devices, hybrid applications provide flexibility.

Jdmarketing is best in the following key factors:

  • Phone gap development:Our skilled developers work with the latest technology like phone gap to build fast and interactive hybrid applications. Phone gap is an open source platform, which uses HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript to code the applications which can run on different platforms. Hybrid applications developed in the phone gap have variety of features which are very necessary for any user.
  • Mobile angular UI development:-Our developers also make use of the mobile angular UI technology that uses bootstrap 3 and Angular JS frameworks to build performance oriented applications. Mobile angular UI offers better features like sidebars, scrollable areas, fast click facilities etc to provide best user experiences.
  • Cheaper rates with great quality:We offer much affordable pricing with great quality so that, you keep visiting our company with more projects.
  • Better support and maintenance:-We offer hybrid applications support and maintenance to ensure the smooth running of your applications with better compatibility with latest hardware and software trends.
  • 100% happy and satisfied customers:-We have delivered 40+ successful applications to our global clients.
  • Better integration support for hybrid applications:Our hybrid applications have the faultless integration with the maps, social media, GPS, shipping, etc.
  • Live chats:-Our experts are 24*7 available for our clients to talk about any issue or requirement. We provide free consultation and support to our customers.